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Ania Witkowska, owner, interior designer

STUDIO A is a dynamic design firm specializing in residential spaces. Each client’s personality, dreams, and wishes drive our work. We incorporate these elements, along with our passion for healthy and sustainable living, into all our projects.

An interior reveals a rich story about its owners and the functions it performs for them. A sensitive and talented designer weaves these elements into her work and uses them as the basis for what she creates for her client. STUDIO A possesses both the clarity to see the potential story in every space, and the deep sensitivity required to create something special within a person’s home. We combine elegance with a harmonious balance of forms and colors. We develop projects with a light patina, merging small touches of the past with a new, modern décor that uses a variety of materials and perfectly combines the warmth of wood with cooler materials such as glass, metal, or resin. Our projects define lightness, distinctive character, personality, and sensuality. We are inspired by art, music, nature, and the simplicity of Japanese architecture and culture.

A beautiful and well-designed environment is a joyful one. Let us create one for you.

Photography: Alexandr Kaminskas 


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Modern Interior Design

STUDIO A offers a variety of design services to suit everyone’s needs.

Regular Design Process:

  • Pre-Design Phase: Clients will meet with STUDIO A for a consultation. During the meeting/interview, we will determine needs and goals (including style, color, and other preferences). We will document all existing conditions (measure and photograph space).

  • Design Development Phase: In this phase, we will prepare multiple space plans with unique furniture arrangements to determine flow throughout the spaces and indicate areas with different functions. Next, we will present different design concepts for interiors with finishes and furnishings that will conduct style and colors. Based on clients’ feedback, 3D renderings, sketches or basic visualizations will be created for each interior.

  • Project Management Phase: We will schedule visits to showrooms for clients, and accompany them to confirm finishes and specified plumbing fixtures. STUDIO A will generate a complete and detailed shopping list for the client to purchase furniture and décor. After the design has been approved and budget confirmed, we will prepare detailed documents including final floor plan, electrical, RCP, finish plans, as well elevations and sections if necessary.

  • Construction Phase: Designer will make periodic visits if necessary to the project site to observe the work of the contractors to determine whether the contractors’ work is proceeding in general conformity with designer’s concept.

  • Completion Phase: It is time for you to enjoy living in your newly designed interiors and create beautiful memories! We will miss you.


E-Design process:

  • Pre-Design Phase: STUDIO A will send you a form to fill out, so we can get to know you and your project. We will schedule a phone consultation to discuss the focus and details of the design work.

  • Design Development Phase: In this phase, we will prepare multiple design concepts for your interior and update them according to your feedback with specific furniture and finishes.

  • Completion Phase: We will deliver your final design along with a complete and detailed shopping list for furniture and décor.


The following design services are also available à la carte:

  • Furniture plan

  • Furniture selection

  • Selection of paint colors and finishes

  • Advice on placement of artwork and accessories


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Interior Design

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